September 16, 2016

I am from a family of math,
born to an accountant and an engineer.
European blood is pumped 70 times per minute through my body
and blue eyes rest in my skull.

I am from a family of five.
Dad, Mom, Jackson, Riley, and Me
Two pets.
A dog and a cat.

I am from a white house on Blue Spruce Circle.
A backyard vast enough to hit golf balls.
A driveway shaped like a snake.
where visitors back up into the berry tree branches.

I am from the strict halls of Swallow Elementary
where Mrs. Hagenow’s assignments prepared us for high school.
Intimidating teachers provoked us to succeed
like Mr. Destache and his booming voice.

I am from an silly, smart, and stressful group of friends.
I witnessed a foolish prank being pulled on Ms. Kush.
I heard of a student in seventh grade that should’ve been in second.
I had vinegar squirted in my eye by a friend I have today.

I am from a grade of jeopardous students
where I watched a wall break and listened to a sink shatter.
Bones fractured and tears rolled down faces
because of the failed stunts on the playground.

I am from a past of unique people.
They have taught me which direction to take in life.
They have showed me how to have a superior time on this earth.
I am from a formidable foundation.

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