Where I'm From

September 16, 2016
By lordsnow GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
lordsnow GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am from a camera, from Canon, and the sound of the shutter closing.

I am from the humble, creative, and overwhelmingly soap-scented home.
I am from the sharp needles of pine trees, the vibrancy of sunflowers, and the relaxing smell of lavender.

I am from vacations to National Parks and quirkiness, from Lisa and Michael and John.
I am from the forgiving and ambitious.
From giving a second chance for mistakes and keeping balance between family, friends, school, and hobbies.

I am from no specific religion. But from open mindedness in faith
I am from Oconomowoc and Poland, greasy fried chicken and juicy ham.
I am from the sound of the electric guitar, blues music, and bike rides.

I am from pictures at Nevada Falls in Yosemite, an inspiring place. Where I felt passion and peace.
I am from grandparents who met in third grade, were high school sweethearts, and are role models. The mother who is my number one supporter.
From hobbies and traveling, my main source of joy.

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