My Life

September 16, 2016
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I am from the Devil’s home known as Arizona.
From house to house, we stayed the same..
Just me, my brother, my sister, my mom, and my pops.
On those 110 degree days I needed a break,
so I hopped in the refreshing pool. 
I heard the howls,
My German Shepherd barking because he fell in the pool.
To this day he screams and squirms when he’s near the water.
I am from the Devil’s Heat.

I am from laughter and pain,
from airsoft to staples.
The sound of my brother screaming in the kitchen.
I thought he died.
I ran in to see what happened.
Two of his fingers stuck together,
by a STAPLE.
He turned to me and screamed, “GET OUT!!!”
I am from airsoft pellets in the ear.
I’m running around in the rocky desert.
I was thrown to the ground.
My face smushed into the wet dirt,
I felt it.
Shot to the ear.
I screamed and screamed but no one appeared.

`           I am from lectures.
I would hear, “Marko, downstairs now,”
I knew what followed.
From school trouble to trouble in paradise.
I dreaded these talks
“Marko, how stupid are you?”
“I don’t know is not an appropriate answer.”
I knew what my dad was going to say before he said it.
I am from the Devil’s Heat.

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