Where I'm From

September 16, 2016

I am from a place where friends and family are always traveling,
from gridlock traffic to the smell of gas in the air.
I am from bike rides on breezy days,
to sunny days on the lake and gloomy weather walks on the beach.
I am from the house decorated with shining lights on the holidays
and the town that made my childhood a dream,
with created memories I hope to revisit.

I am in a quiet place,
a place of trees and gardens scattered.
I am in a place where friends are home too
and the sticky summer weather
I am in the place where holidays have been spent,
the smell of my grandparents’ cooking.
I am in a free and open place,
a place that lets me wander about.
I am in a place that has grown on me,
a place where I now call home.

I am going to a place, rushed but peaceful,
where I run and walk freely but is crowded with people.
I am going to a place with nature,
a place where I can find inner peace.
I am going to a place I dream about,
a place with pine scent and glowing feelings.
The place where I am determined to call home.

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