Where Im From

September 16, 2016
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I’m from the deer running through the backyard
with the gobbling turkeys and their line of chicks following.
I'm from the 15 house silent neighborhood
surrounded by farmers fields with crops thriving.

I’m from a family of four with my parents and brother
The never-ending,senseless bickering between me and my brother echoing.
I’m from a family where I entertained myself
making snowmen alone, or shooting hoops alone.
I'm from a family where I felt alone, and distant from my brother
as we didn't have one thing in common, or one didn't want to do what the other did.
I’m from a family that would travel over the sea to islands
from the Bahamas to Hawaii.

I’m from a family of separated parents at age nine
confused and sad for what happened, that made a hole in my life and me.
I’m from a family with two additional siblings
step sister and step brother.
I’m from a family of a unfamiliar life with new family members
which made me meet my step brother who I bonded with more than my blood brother
I'm from a family where I needed to ask which house I would be at on the holidays
going from house to another house.
I’m from a family of a new lifestyle
which made me stronger in the end emotionally, and mentally.

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