Where im From

September 16, 2016

I am from a town close by that makes you feel merry,
From a house that makes you want to stop over,
And from the nice couple who found me.

I am from 070 making the house feel conscious,
From Kendrick reassuring me things will be ok,
And from Bones helping me doze off.

I am from the cooking shows that provide a champion,
From trying new recipes that cause disaster,
And from cleaning the mess I caused.

I am from the Dread Pirate Roberts fascinating me,
From Sloth saving the Goonies,
And from Hercules overcoming Hades.

I am from CS:GO enraging me,
From three broken controllers,
And from the originals bringing comfort.

I am from the adblock causing relief,
From anonymity being sacrosanct,
And from internet coming in clutch.

I am from a land far away that makes  feel distressed,
From the cold days that make you shiver,
And the nice couple who found me.

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