Where I'm From

September 16, 2016
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I am from the sounds of the highway
as they fly past the woods in the backyard,
From the cluttered and junk filled garage.
I am from sinking into worn leather couches
as the sounds of SportsCenter resonates through the house.

I am from diving for the baseball on a dusty field
and laughing with teammates on a summer night,
From my Dad saying enough with the happy feet.
I am from sitting by the pool
as my skin bakes in the scorching heat of July.

I am from hours of ping pong
as I battled my brother for bragging rights,
From fierce games of basketball on the court we called the driveway.
I am from our forever hungry golden retriever
flying into the couch to do a summersault.

I am from walks in the summer with my friends
as we made our way to Sweet Dreams for lunch,
From toppling over somebody reaching for the frisbee.
I am from sitting in the hot tub in the middle of winter
as my friends and I joked around.

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