Where I am From

September 16, 2016
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I’m from a family of bickering—
“I’m better than you,” “You’re annoying” and “I hate you.”
Showing love in discreet ways and striving to win…

I am from the suburbs of Hartland—
Well supported, home, and destined for success
Thankful and appreciative…

I am from a strict mother—
Pushing me to my limits and punishments that seem unrealistic
Careful and awhere…

I am from a community of athletes—
Driven, hardworking, and talented
Basketball player...

I am from the friend group of comedians and trust—
Have each other’s back, making fun of each other,
Trusting, funny and caring...

I am a senior—
Looking forward to starting the next chapter of a journey
Excited and ready...

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