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September 16, 2016
By Hippyjon BRONZE, Peewaukee, Wisconsin
Hippyjon BRONZE, Peewaukee, Wisconsin
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I am from the analog hiss of a record player

from Floyd to The Flaming Lips to The Fauns
I am from the deafening roar of noise
From the unending ringing in my ear 
I am from the bliss of soft spoken poetry
From the thought that the strongest words are spoken the quietest

I am from a God in the east, a man of peace and tranquility
From hours of meditation
I am from a hope for unity and acceptance
From a dream that we must strive for
I am from a plea for peace and a green earth
From the cries of a destroyed rainforest and a starving child

I am going not to a place of money, not to a place of fame
not to a place of other material successes
but to a place of true happiness.
I am not from what i am, I am from the dreams in my head.

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