The Bottom Feeder

September 20, 2016

When these quiet mumbles fall down my lips,
And when you hush the sound of these woods,
When sun goes down...
The fireflies will light me the way.
The bottom feeders will come out to play.
And all the leeches will come for your blood.

But I will remain quiet and still.
They can come for me,
But they’ll never find me.

The silence still hums through the thickets.
I walk hand in hand with the silhouette of the night.
She has no name,
But she’ll bring the fear tonight.
The joke’s still on you.
Because she is me,
Now can’t you see?

I will love you,
Torture you,
Laugh when you fall.
But I’ll still stay silent,
And laugh through the trees.
I will pick up on your beating heart,
As I bleed you dry.

There you lie, completely still…
I will spread your ashes,
Just as you wanted me to.
Don’t you worry.
Just shut your eyes
It’ll be alright.
I will be the last voice you hear.
As you take your last breath...
May these final words startle you in our nightmare.

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