I Am (Me)

September 20, 2016
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I am

NOT from the other’s mind,

NOT from the social media,
NOT from the wannabes,

NOR the crystal clear glass.


I am

From the happy and the sad,
From the ones we don’t understand,
Fhe ones with claws and sharp teeth
That scratch and bite to what’s underneath.


I’m NOT from the perfect family;
I’m from the screams and yells,
The laughter, and the jokes.
Those are the people who mean the world to me.


I am not a damsel that needs your help.
I am strong,
I am emotional,
I am a person and
I will never let anyone get in my way.


I am from the smiles that make you want to cry,
I am that girl who loves to fantasize,
I am different,
I am not him
Nor am I her,
As a matter of fact, I’m not any of them...



I am me

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