September 20, 2016

Some of us get used to the silence.
Some of us don’t.
The voice I loved the most, is forever gone.
And it’s silence is deafening.
I call out to him,
Hoping for an answer.
But there is no voice in return.
So I scream my loudest, blood-curdling scream.
And weep.


The silence is deafening because,
His touch was lost within the night.
I reach out over the bed for his hand,
But there is no hand to grab me back.


The silence is deafening because,
I long for three words.
The three words I didn’t hear.
And took for granted.
But I’ll say them every night to the wind,
Hoping that gravity forces them up towards the clouds.


The silence is deafening because,
The only thing I hear at night are my sobs,
Begging for someway for him to come back.
I barter. I would trade my life.
But he would only be going through my misery.


The silence is deafening because
When these four walls start to constrict me;
All I hear is the beating,
And the crickets are humming the prologue of lament.
Because, I now know what is to be alone... and incomplete
That, is why this silence is deafening.
The love of my life is forever gone.

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