Opera House

September 20, 2016
By BaileyReeves GOLD, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
BaileyReeves GOLD, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
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I stand outside the opera house
My long coat sweeping the floor of the night
My long hair curled to a T
And I know the song that’s whistling through the air
And I know it’s old melody


A music box perhaps it was
On my grandmother’s dusty shelf
Overflowing with empty bottles of perfume
With empty bottles of gin


But oh- that music
How it brought me to tears
And bid me goodnight
And sang me to sleep
Like a siren’s song

When nobody else was home


And my pajamas swept the floor of the night
My short hair brushed down neat
And I would step out into the painted dark
And dance while the world was asleep


Before anything I remember blue
Then the smell of smoke
Invading your breathe
As you screamed
And shouted at the universe


For the burden you just couldn’t carry along
The path of our lives
Was a path well worn


And my jeans swept the floor of the night
I held your hand tight
And watched the sun fight
To stay bright
To stay light
To stay alright
Just like us…


You whispered sweet nothings
But that’s all they were
Empty as a robin’s nest in december


I remember the good times
We seemed so free
You tried to be Poe
I was your Annabel Lee


When I told you I hung by only a thread
“I’ll turn that thread into a rope”
You said


And my hospital gown swept the floor of the night...
Now i'm dead

There is nothing in myself left to believe in
There is nothing in this soul left to save
Goodbye friend

I descend into the opera house once again...


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