Here's the Point

September 20, 2016

It's pointless
So don't you dare tell me
It's all worth it
I fight because
It's better than waiting to die
Who wants to live for others
I am someone
With a preference to keep it simple
I can't live my life
There's too much to lose
I never let myself believe that
Life has something better
It's always about hardship
The poisonous frame of mind that
I hate
Is the one where it'll all be ok
In the end
The path I'm taking
Is a hell
Hey, at least it isn't suicidal
The path leading me to say
Well, this isn't as bad as it could've been
I always think while pushing through harder times
When does it end
A weak mind says
I can do it
When in reality
Only a strong mind is capable for the toughest jobs
People believe that in life
You're decorated in rainbows and butterflies
It isn't always the case where
I know
What I'm doing
I have a passion for
Practically nothing
I hate sitting around doing
Work where there's no point
I'm not gonna
Change life's outlook

Change the outlook by reading it backwards

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