September 20, 2016
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What if? It’s the voice that sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear.

What if? It’s the sorrowful song I hear while everyone else dances gleefully.

What if? It’s the shred of doubt in every word I utter.

What now? It’s the terror of ignorance after every new turn.

What now? It’s the realization of the unknown after every decision.

What now? It’s the nagging feeling that nothing is ever certain.

How long can this last? It’s the knowledge that nothing is ever permanent.

How long can this last? It’s the thought that no one really wants me.

How long can this last? It’s the ghosts from my past coming back as a reminder.

These are my demons. They control me. They are relentless.

Don’t listen to them. Keep going. It’s You.

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