And Yet Is This Love?

September 20, 2016

I feel this strange sensation
Welling up inside like gas being blown into a balloon
This feeling of knowing I'm not good enough
But not caring about that fact
How he clings to me so tight
And how his heart beats when he wants to hold my hand
It's quite a feeling
But more than that, a vision of a future
The deep conversations and the insecurities
Not knowing what to say, and not having to say is
Feeling safe
Such a foreign concept to me, to him
Someone listening, so strange it seems
That things that bother me matter to him
That my problems aren't the only ones that are talked about
My friends trying to squeeze themselves in what we have
This unspoken connection simple and complicated like the breeze
Laughing so hard and staying up late
Just talking and enjoying it
Waking up at the sight of him
Where the abstract concept of love lingers in my brain
Should I tell him, or should I wait
It seems too soon to say, but so sure to me
I'm not letting go without a fight
For this person who has reminded me of what home feels like
What safe feels like
What my soul feels like, smiling again
Such a feeling of a deep breath and release
Filling up my soul and relieving the pain of not being able to breath
The space that comes with letting go, forgiving those harsh parts of me
Being someone better for him
The effort, the joy, the caring for someone more than oneself
If this is love, I know it's not a fairytale
It's not a vague concept, not a strange picture of something described in songs and books
But the reality of commitment
Flowing so naturally from soul to soul
Like waves on the shore
Calming and powerful
Dangerous yet healing
A risk in the void to search for oneself
Only to find oneself unbreakable from the other in spirit
And yet still is this love?
I cannot know, how anyone knows is a mystery
It has to be, for what else could it be if not a fairytale
Is this love? It has to be.

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