Lonely For Now

September 19, 2016
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A smile she gives me,

I ask myself what for?

A greeting she gives me,

I answer, "Hello."

A request she gives me,

"Can you help me?"


Help you? I think.

Why should I?

I trusted you,

but you destroyed the trust I had.


She gives me another smile,

this time with a hint of desperation.


I respond,

she looks relieved.

Why am I helping her?


She gives me her thanks,

and returns to the boy she was with.

Am I selfish to ask why she won't sit with me?


An invitation to sit with them would be nice.

But no, the bell rings and it's time to go.


In class, she sits with another boy.

She doesn't look or speak to me.

Am I not her friend?


After school we promised to meet with a teacher.

She leaves with the boy to meet another teacher.


I go home.

Alone but with hope,

hope that maybe someday,

we might see.

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