all-american sunsets

September 19, 2016
By medge BRONZE, Roanoke, Virginia
medge BRONZE, Roanoke, Virginia
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Young girl, your eyesight
clouded by shades of
this maddening red and these bad day type blues
scars of her youth, I kneel at the altar
religious obsession, devotion to you
he walks with a fire, moral compass spiraling
cannabis kick or does his soul go so low
trying to prove they exist in the saddest of ways
shooting false intentions with the
baddest of babes
he got a new tattoo, his adoration the purest
though the later it gets, bruises take a violent turn
hard to exist when you’re running on voicemails
harder to sleep and a small death when she gets bored
so don’t kiss me like that, please don’t act like you know me
i’d rather be lonely then pretend this was home
don’t talk to me like that, i didn’t come from the nice towns
momma never called to check up, dad was never home
he said, to roll up or inject, get hooked on the name of it
treat me like that, until it gets too bad to ignore
washing my mouth out with bleach, hair dye runs down the drain
cherry cola summer, and the boys all look the same
teaching me the sins of the foreigner’s ways

The author's comments:

A lot of different people and moments inspired this for me personally, but everyone has different memories that they can thread into this to interpret it differently. I hope it makes you feel something. 

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