The Man and His Shadow

September 19, 2016
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Lurking in the shadows
Dragging me down
Lacerating my heart

He appears often
Vilely draining the life out of me.

Once The Man begins gnawing on my
Light-hearted perspective
The clouds droop
Hate is unmasked
And it appears that my infinitesimally
Leads me to be

The Man is unstoppable
Because He brings what follows
His Shadow.

His Shadow is the broken alarm clock in my head
-cannot get off high alert-
His Shadow is the ticking metronome
-quickening the pace-
Back and forth.
Check the door.
Back and forth.
Check the door.

Another lock seen,
A thought explodes in my mind
Like a
Melancholic Fourth of July display

-I hear the other kids snickering at the ironic display-
Its a shame I'm the display.

Without the Man
there’d be no Shadow.
Without His Shadow
there’d be  no exploding thoughts.
Without His Shadow
there’d be no locks, ticking, beeping, burning.

Triggered from my head about my head
all in my head while
Outside my head
same thoughts ringing through my head
To the lurking, dragging, lacerating, draining, gnawing,
ticking, quickening, exploding, snickering, beeping, burning, ringing, panicking
  -in the still-

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