A walk

September 19, 2016
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A soft faint glow breaks the dark dewy solace,Crickets chirp, unaware, it seems, of the newly breaking dawn.Fragile petals open at the warmth and prepare to bask in it for the rest of the day.Butterflies, fresh from cocoons, spring to life stopping here, and stopping there, for that one of a kind nectar.

      The scent of the rose, sweet, sensual, filling my lungs, intoxicating me, lulling my senses into a peaceful trance.

Rosemary, waking my senses with the accuracy of a teacher waking a slumbering student with a rap on my knuckles.

        A babbling brook tripping over rocks and roots brave enough to venture into the icy waters. A frog leaps and splashes you, a passing jay laughs.

Then, a flash of orange,a frightened newt scampers from under the cliff of bank your left foot was leaning on.   

A grassy field, a shady tree, two entwined lovers and a picnic spread before them, apples, fruits salads, and many other delicacies.

Creeping, an ant ventures forth to abduct a crumb-Smash.One of the lovers hands ended the ants already short life.

      A sunlit forest, glowing leaves, a deer silently prances into the shadowy clearing,

You hold your breath, hoping that the deer might walk closer,A speckled hide enters the frozen scene to join it's mother,The fawn freezes like it's surroundings and locks eyes with me,You gasp,The fawn and it's mother bound away at sudden noise,Leaving only carved marks in the soft forest floor.

       A salty breeze, a constant mist upon your face,

the ocean really is beautiful,A distant splash and a dolphin dives back into the frothing waters,Massive and intimidating, a large wave rises and rises and seems to freeze before crashing down upon the water below. A faint glow of pink reflects on the water, reminding me of a rose i saw this morning."

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