Winter Wonderland

September 19, 2016

You have the coldest touch
my skin has ever known
firm, unyielding, steady, and painful
in your grasp
holding me tighter the harder I try to get away, the more I try to let go.

My tears
like icicles
shed with emotion so fierce
I could summon a snowstorm.


Pain from you words hurts me like cold wind to my face
and sometimes they have lasting stings
making red welts on my skin that hurt to the touch,
So I don’t touch them;
instead I find new sources of hurt to focus on.


Understand why sometimes I am distant,
And cold,
And insensitive.
You made me this way.


Sometimes your words are sweet and kind
And I find it difficult to believe that such warmth can escape from your lips.
And when you try to touch me,
I flinch and you get upset
So I laugh.
In turn,
Making you cold again.
But I love you, I love you, I love you,
I do;
I’ll love you until you learn how to love me back.
Until then,
call me your Ice Lady;
Maybe we can weather this storm together
In Lover’s Winter Wonderland.

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