Where I'm From

September 16, 2016

I am from Sinai Hospital
where my life was on the fringes of flatlining
from Twin-to-twin-transfusion
where only he knew the outcome
I am from the NICU gaining my parents’ traits
from athleticism and wiseness to height and weight

I am from a Wisconsin family, now 5
brought up like a cheesehead, painted green and gold
I am from the noisy Lambeau Field
where the beer bellies, breath, and bear fans remain evident
I am from the crispy, fried cheese curds
that crunch and melt as they are downed

I am from the crisp cool air
where even febreze can’t kill the smell
I am from the death defying game on a quarter inch blade
getting hit at 15 mph while trying to hit a rubber biscuit
I am from the living legends that once said
“you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

I am from the bat and ball covered in cowhide
from the first pitch to the last strike
I am from a heart pounding with a full count
but the relief once you reach first base
I am from the 7th inning stretch
to “roll out the barrel”

I am from the two parents that created me
giving me the blonde hair and blue eyes
I am from the 5’2” frame of my mother
passing on the short and stubby frame
I am from the touch of an angel
that gave me and made me who I am

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