I Grew Up

September 16, 2016

I was from a morning ride with Mom,

singing “Soak Up the Sun.”
From the struggle of getting my shoes on
to ripping them off in the car.
Jumping out, running to the door, “don’t fall” and crying filling the air.

I was from getting up at five for Grandma's.
(The smell of fresh cookies infused her home)
From flash cards, to card games with Grandma, Grandpa, Kenzie, Kevin, Kyle, and Hailey.
Sitting at dinner hoping Dad arrived so, I wouldn't have to eat rice pudding.

I was from deafening, dirty, diesel trucks and cars.
(It was natural to hear mom and dad coming home.)
From truck pulls dad competed in with small blue, smelly porta potties.
Hot Wheels rolling on carpet roads, and battery powered cars cruising up and down Grandpa's driveway.

I now have a diesel Volkswagen Passat.
have breakfast at eleven am.
Morning rides singing “Soak up the Sun.”

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