Where I'm From

September 16, 2016
By SCPKalex GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
SCPKalex GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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I’m from a place of silence and solitude

silence like covered ears.

A place of expansive serenity.

A place of deafening nothingness

that drowns out the conflicts.

A place devoid of conversation

and collaboration with peers.

A place where I remained content

without social interaction.

I’m from a place of artificial beauty

that entertains the silent mind.

An interactive theater.

A place of pixel, science, and screen.

A place of ping, patch notes, and packet loss.

A place of potential

in software and programs.

A place that gleams bright

from LED lights and IPS screens.

A place materialized by nothing more than ones and zeroes.

A place of “Get off the computer.”

and “I’m almost done with this game.”

I’m from a place that’s not empty.

Where once was serenity is sound.

A sound of caring companions and loving family.

A place where resides those

that stood out from the rest.

Individuals who came to this place

when they saw that I was alone
in a place of silence and solitude.

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