in the closet

September 16, 2016
By , winnipeg, Manitoba

i can’t bring this girl home
to you
and tell you
that i love
how she reaches for my hand
as we’re driving,
into the bright beaming street lights
i can’t tell you how she doesn’t want me to see her intoxicated with fuzzy thoughts and a burning pulse and i can't tell you how i don't want her safety to
ever leave me
but it left me
abandoned me
i can’t tell you about the road trips she promised
or the musicals we were gonna go see
because i'm still hanging in the closet
with all of the secrets piling up
i drown in them all without you even knowing
i can't tell you
i can't tell you that
she broke my heart
i can't tell you that she was more
than just a friend
i can't tell you that i thought she was my forever
i can't tell you that i thought i loved her

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