Apocoliptic Hell

September 15, 2016

The darkness is seping in

the fear is spreading where

do i beging. Death will follow 

humiliation only to be lead

by public elimination.

The first time a baby 

speaks it cries a tragity

when it dies.

Listen to hear the devils 

laughter knowing there is 

no happily ever after.

Blood will run down the 

walls you sense fear when 

he calls.

Can't you see the

message I send telling 

you this is the end.

The never ending pain

the acid rain that melts

the flesh a stench of death 

so fresh.

Now you know my story that 

I had to tell of the 

hurt I left behind you

now know what I see in

my mind Parakized you

now see my apocoliptic Hell

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