Outside the Window

September 15, 2016
By Bugz_Valente BRONZE, Bristow, Virginia
Bugz_Valente BRONZE, Bristow, Virginia
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I look outside my window,

Staring at the vast possibilities. 

There are places to go,

And people to see,

In my room I feel safe,

No one to hurt me,

Or let me down.

Just me.

No risk,

And certainly no reward.


I look outside my window, 

Seeing what could be,

And never will.

Somethings are better left unknown.

I guess I never knew,






I look outside my window,

And think,

Maybe the underdog,

Doesn't always aspire or inspire,

And God knows,

Im as far under as it gets.


I look outside my window, 

And wonder,

What's next?

The author's comments:

I started to write this poem when I was looking for a prompt online, and one caught my eye. At first I thought I was going to write a short story, but the prompt seemed to work better as a poem.

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