I Am What I Wish To Be

September 15, 2016
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The shake of your voice when your telling the truth,

And no one can lie, a shaky voice is proof.
The wind carried your words that I once clung too
And now it carries only silence, and I long for you.
The breathe in your lungs that prove your living,
The one loyal friend who’s always giving.
Every last word that you want to say,
Your bright pop of red in your world of grey.
A cloud over beauty,
The darkest of clouds,
Because true glamour,
Is every word you will ever stammer.
If your skin was covered with the words you said,
Instead of layers of makeup what would you dread?
I was born onto your team,
But everything a team should be I can only dream.
Your criticize me and tear me down,
I was once your princess but you broke my crown.
But I’m a fighter,
And only you can make your load lighter.
Your words were sharp as a blade,
But I had others who came to my aide.
Now for others I plan to do the same,
Because I know what it’s like to be the girl with no name.

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