Classify Me Through Chemistry

September 15, 2016
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I’m bored in science class.
I don’t give a crap about ions or isotopes.
I don’t care for the boy in front of me,
Or for my chemistry enthusiast teacher.
I have cross country after school today,
And I’m not really good at running,
But I’m trying.
My chemistry teacher just showed us a cat,
And I don’t understand.
I’d rather be in english,
But only with my freshman teacher.
I’d rather not be in chemistry,
Or even english to be quite honest.
I’d rather be in writing,
Not worried about anything but trying not to spill my feelings through my pencil,
And failing.
I’d rather be worrying about what I want to read in front of the class
Than how late I’ll be at soccer tonight.
I’m writing because I’m scared.
I’m scared about why my sister’s going to be crying today.
Okay, Okay. Chemistry, focus.
Protons and neutrons,
Neutrons and electrons.
My sister would be an electron, negatively charged by nature.
She needs me to be a proton,
To balance her.
But I am a neutron,
Always a neutron.
I am in chemistry,
So classify me.

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