Bridge jumping

September 15, 2016


There are reeds growing from your fingertips
And lilies around my neck
Grey tennis shoes and muddied socks
Grassy skin and fabric
A single shove could send either of us
Off this bridge and down below
So many thrill seekers have tried, and died
Why should we be listed too?
So instead I keep my hands on the smooth concrete
And feet on the dusty beam
Maybe I'll jump, maybe I'll fall
All I know is I cannot backtrack
And your greased hands are sliding
Might as well take the leap?
Don't look down, it'll break you
And remember, no matter what
This is our last time


Fourteen Lines on Rivers
A companion to Bridgejumping

1. Wrap your heart in a bag, preferably waterproof, as to keep the darkness on the edge
2. Wear your colors on your sleeves, for you must be proud
3. We don't kid when we say wear closed toe shoes
4. You don't have wings, but somehow you can fly
5. Stay on the left side, and don't go under
6. Hold your head up, and watch the world drown
7. Don’t forget who you are in the water
8. Don't you wish you were riding with the raven? The crow?
9. I've already found solace in stranger places than you
10. Please, don't request a funeral
11. I'll retreat to my veranda and watch
12. I can't jump. I can't believe. I can't even cry.
13. Somehow now, I feel completely responsible
14. Just swim

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