Our Action's Personality

September 15, 2016
By GMan68 BRONZE, Irvine, California
GMan68 BRONZE, Irvine, California
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Glory for thy,
Glory for I,
For that Glory shall be dignified.

For terror and evil our hearts shall be,
And for war and death our actions may speak,
Dignity seems to be far from our reach.

Our history of selfishness and greed tells the story of our need,
From land to gold to power,
History remembers our feast.

By death will our actions be remembered,
And by misdeed shall we be seen,
Humanity is yet have dignity.

But hidden within such devastating actions,
life, goodness, and prosperity grows violently as a reaction.

For kindness and peace shall out heart speak.
And for Civil Rights to save lives shall our reaction be,
Dignity is actually in our reach.

Hidden in our thick red blood,
Misdeed and Death tortures Dignity,
Trying to make it disappear from humanity.

We must stand strong against the tides,
Against the wind; against our enemies will.

So I say to you all:
do not give up, do not surrender, do not fear,
But change. Change your fate, change your path, come up with an adventure that will not show your wrath.

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