ISO The Real You.

September 14, 2016

We all wear this mask
A mask to hide our fears
A mask to conceal our tears
A mask that hides our true selves
A mask that saves us from judgment
Because it’s something we all wear
By removing your mask you become something people cant bear
Then they become ignorant
Because in the just society we live in it’s not okay to be different
Although it’s imminent
Our societal commitment
Prevents us from being different
Because being ourselves is never sufficient
We all fear being different
But it’s time to be different
Its time to remove our masks
The ones that hide our fears and tears
And let our personalities be as unique as the stars
Its time to let our life be ours
Its time to show our scars
And let us be superstars
We’ve all fought our own wars
We’ve all got our own scars
Its time to take control of our cars
And shine as bright as the stars
In the night sky
And fly
Now’s not the time to lie
Or the time to cry
It’s time to break these chains
And open our brains
To new Ideas
Because the pain we wear
Is becoming too hard to bear
We need not compare
Ourselves to others
Because were different than one another
My sisters and brothers
Its time to shine
Its time to show our design
And not decline
Others or confine
But rather
We must gather
And prove we all matter
And climb the ladder
To change
Although it may seem strange
Its time to rearrange
Our outlook on life
And we need not get strife
On our search for the light
And never loose sight
Or get lost in the darkness of the night
And always remember to fight with all your might
On your journey where you’ll take flight
And be sure to shine bright
Like you’re the only light in the dark night sky
And remember beauty is in the eye
Of the beholder
And as you get older
Always remember your beautiful with out the mask
And no matter how big the task
I ask
You stay strong and carry on
And leave the curtains drawn
Because you never know whens your last dawn
And never get pawn
Because the mask you’re wearing is temporary
Although it can make you feel legendary
It’s only momentarily
You search for clarity
Through your purity
You hope to find your destiny
The same destiny everybody is in search of
Its time to spread your wings like a dove
And fly above
The darkness of the night
And become a light
That people are in sight
You are a delight
And you know what’s right
So reach great heights
And become the light
Needed to help guide lost souls
Don’t get burnt by the burning coals
And don’t let people fall into dark holes
But set goals
And create roles
Because the pain you feel is only temporary
And can lead you to a cemetery
But remember you’re not alone
And you’re not on your own
There’s no need to moan
Or talk in that tone
Because you’re not alone
Although you’re journey may be unknown
So is everyone’s
Were all on a journey
There’s no need to hurry
Cause you’ll be around for an eternity
Because the reality
Life is a mystery
So be the first one to make history
And remove you mask
Is that too much to ask?
Or too big of a task
All the mask does is hide your fears
And conceal your tears
Its time to open our ears
And listen to our peers
And erase all our fears
Because were all stars
And its time to take back what’s ours
It’s okay to be different
And its time to make a commitment
To ourselves
Because we’re all magnificent

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