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September 16, 2016
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I am from a  farm with big red sheds split by a smooth black driveway. Young Oak trees evenly planted in a rows in front of the sheds. Grass that when the sun hits it lights up from the dew.  A white 2 story house with black shutters and decks with ramps at each door. The sound of birds during the day and coyotes at night.

I am from load running machines and engines all around you. A boxer that's brown with black stripes. Four guys dress in blue button up shirts with  names stitched into the chest. Tools from bench to bench

I am from mud flying in the air from dirt bikes. The cold Water splashing from the creek. Sliding through trees sideways. Having my cousin following me on our four wheeler.

I am from engines roaring at redline and rubber burning. From cars hitting 250MPH in 6 seconds. Funny cars and muscle cars ready to race and the smell of race fuel in the air

I am from the load blast of a rifle going off out of a window in the barn and a pumpkin exploding down the range.  

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