The Senses

September 14, 2016
By leighma SILVER, Lewisville, Texas
leighma SILVER, Lewisville, Texas
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She is beautiful, everything you have ever wanted to be. Her chestnut hair shines in the sunlight , her honey skin glows in the glows and it’s as if the happiness just radiates off of her.

She smells like heaven, like home. Her perfume fills your nose with that sticky sweet scent, her hairspray makes your eyes burn, but you don’t care because it’s part of what makes her real.

She touches you and you feel as if all is calm in the world. Her hugs envelop you in love, when she holds your hands in hers all the pain disappears, as if she has cured you of all your ailments. 

She cooks like it’s the last meal you will ever eat. Her home cooked meals warm warm your heart and fill your stomach, and even her simple snacks make you feel as if you’ll never go hungry.

She speaks as if she’s seen a thousand lifetimes. Her voice is smooth and fine , yet sharp like glass, her words strong and kind, and when she speaks to you, your mind compels you to listen and leaves you hanging on every syllable that leaves her mouth.

Her presence is a blessing. She has endlessly saved me from myself and nursed me back to health in more ways than one. For her, the courageous woman who has overcome many hardships just to bring me into this world, I am eternally grateful.  

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