September 14, 2016
By bijenkins BRONZE, Warrenton, Virginia
bijenkins BRONZE, Warrenton, Virginia
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Mankind can create and thrive in all but discipline

And none adheres to the call like you

Lips flap as aimless chatter sounds

Traps snap shut in the middle of a step

'Maybe later'

As my bleeding heart prepares to leak unto the floor

'I have more important things to do'

As I am crucified for your sacrifices

Cast aside for personal interest

Dismissed and left for dead

Do you not realize when neglect has reared its ugly head?

Or is that just another tether to snap

To amplify your grooming

With one soul left behid

Egoism makes poor company

The clique of unsavory tension




Can you not see each oozing wound you leave me behind?

Where my soul reaches out, yours turns away

'I don't have time for this'

As I carry every burden you rest upon my stack

While yours consists of self-serving luxuries and contributions from those

Whose tainted tiers rise higher than that of soulful blood

Year after year after eternal year rest upon my shoulders

Settled in the deepest corners of my heart

And no more pain could someone feel

Than watching you fade away

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