Second Puberty

September 16, 2016
By 12345-- GOLD, Windsor, Connecticut
12345-- GOLD, Windsor, Connecticut
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5 years old

   An age of Barbie dolls and playing dress up

7 years old

    Sitting on the sidelines of my soccer team, staring over at the boys, wishing I could play with them

13 years old

     Puberty, my worst enemy

     No desire for makeup, no desire to change

15 years old

      Angry parents, screaming voices,

      I'm the only me I'll ever get to be

17 years old

      Confident in who I am; never changing for anyone else

       I had 14 years of lying to myself, and 3 more years of proving that to everybody else

25 years old

        I've moved away, gone to college, found my way

My second puberty, on its way

To make me the person, I was always meant to be

I'll finally look my age, hair on my face

All the possiblities and no more being unhappy

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