The Chronicles of Man

September 13, 2016

I’m still in a daze,
So let my heart race.


I’ll live my life then die.
Don’t cry.


I’ll just keep writing,
While they keep trying;


To nail me to my cross
Don’t let this be your loss…


‘Cause as I struggle to carry,
My own weight and it varies;


The more each shoulder hurts less,
The more I beg you to confess.


I am a human like you,
And in an hour or two;


I’ll be watching my children,
These tears I cry come in billions.


I gave my life to you…
But sin you still do.


So go ahead you can break me,
And shake me but mad I won’t be.


Because all of this love I hold
Is just a story to be told.


Go be prophets of men,
Write my story and grab your pen.


This tale shall be told for ages,
And they’ll get lost within the pages.


But keep me in your heart,
I promise to forget you not.

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