I am me and You are You

September 13, 2016
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I am me
And you are you
I am no different
From me to you

We might not have the same shoe
Or opinion or two
But we can be sure
I am me
And you are you

Same in the sense
We are equal
And fair
Same in the way that
If you are then so
We all are squares

We might be different
In somethings or two
Sure maybe different gender or IQs
But from what I know
We are the same from
Me to you

Comprised of DNA
Atoms and cells
One big bundle of millions

Some as fast as
Light and sound
Some can solve problems
That were never to be found

Just like snowflakes
Were told we all are askew
But when it comes down to it
I am me
You are you

We are all in the same
Society today
With some differences
That come to play

Differences that must be shredded
And equal opportunities
To be seeked 
Equal education
That needs to be sought for
And non discrimination, and equal rights 
That needs to be fought for

Standing for nothing
Is a cause often seen
While falling at the weight
Of all
Is the new thing

All I can
Say to your actions is that
I have no control over your actions but

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