I am here

September 13, 2016
By cheya.w BRONZE, Flossmoor, Illinois
cheya.w BRONZE, Flossmoor, Illinois
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For the flushed cheeks from our heated kisses
I counted the freckles scattered across her nose and forehead
She cried tears of frustration

For the rainy days and the piles of blankets in our bed
We burned our fingertips on our mugs of tea
I peppered kisses all over her face

For the loss of a loved one
I counted the battle scars that were on her wrist and her thighs and her shoulders
from the doubt she always carried

For the days where she calls me home
Her shampoo bottle now sitting next to mine in the shower
Her joyous laughter blended melodiously with the the distant sounds of the piano

For the constellations in her eyes
The sight of her in my sweatshirt made my pounding heart, slow down
She always woke up while the sun was rising, and the sky shone in her emerald eyes

For her, all of her

The author's comments:

I am currently a senior in high school and I have a slight obssession with small animals, and the color lilac.

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