September 13, 2016
By Vienesse BRONZE, Quezon City, Other
Vienesse BRONZE, Quezon City, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is short; don't make it shorter."

                Dark Coarsed Enr-
                 aptured drug ca-
                   ution lifeless
                   D  E  A  T  H
                     TO FLOA
                     T TO ON
                     LY DIE IN
             Drink, my dear till the
           night is done. Let your leg
         s wobble as you stride and vi
      sion blur as you glance around. L
      et despair be washed. Let truth b
      e set free. Fall into temptation an       
      d never fall out. Night is short, so        
      watch me glint in the sky. Flavor                   
      my bittersweet taste and back aw            
       ay. You’ll come back for more any          
       way. Sadness leaving. Regret arri             
       ving. It is what I do best. So pop o             
       pen the cork and drink it all up. D             
       ear,it’s only one time. Stars cry a               
       nd clouds frown as they watch yo             
       u commit a crime of despair. Forg             
       et all your troubles and throw you            
       r sins out in the night. Break down            
       and don’t put up a fight. Drink, my             
       dear and sway left and right. Then            
       stay and wait for me to S T R I K E.             

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