September 12, 2016

Vibrant colors of roasted vegetables
Are slithering around the oil slicked pan
Adorned with a savory mosaic of salt and pepper
The crinkle of the plastic
As a hand reaches inside, yearning for the
Satisfying crunch of slightly salted baked goodness
An abundance of bright orange baby carrots are spread on crinkled aluminum
A slight glaze of honey for that luscious touch of happiness
The low, euphonious whoosh of the oven fills the kitchen,
The temporary home of freshly rolled classic blueberry crumble
Its aroma swirling throughout the room, beckoning tempted noses
  I think of the saccharine flavor juices of a fuzzy donut peach
seeping through my tongue
Moistening my gums
One can always go to the kitchen
When in need of nourishment

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