Ode to Singing

September 12, 2016
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With my singing is another voice,
Stronger than the weak one I use to speak,
With my singing are the stories I hate to share,
An unknown confidence comes to me,
The stories that are in my hidden book,
Come out and they are freed,
I can go high, I can go low,
With my singing, I can do more than I known,
I’m not one to score in any sports,
I’m not the one to get straight A’s,
With my singing, there’s never anything fleeting,
But with my singing, is something to carry my heart,
At the beginning, I was so confident,
But as I grew, I thought, “What can I really do?”
I try to better myself every day,
I want to become a singer, and not just for the pay,
With my singing, I want to help those who can’t truly express,
I want them to feel happy and less distress,
I want to be the shy one to get on stage,
I want to be one the red carpet and help my fans in every way,
I’ll stop at nothing to get that way,
I cannot wait for that day.

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