Ode to the Track

September 12, 2016
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Walking on the track for the first time
They tell us to take our places at the starting line
The crowd cheers on their friend or family member
We can’t stand still when the gun sounds.
We take off as quick as a wolf

The wind blowing against our faces as we run down the field
Our legs are telling us to keep going until the very end
When we cross the finish line the audience stands on their feet cheering
We take a deep breath and shake hands

I smell the rain that wants to come pouring down
The foul smell of the runners next to you
And the heavy breathing surrounding you
The coaches shaking your hand congratulating hard run
Your teammates telling you that you did great for the first time

Coming home telling your parents that you had a great time
You practice every day increasing your speed
And decreasing your time
Your family and friends are so supportive
Waiting for the sound of the loud gun

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