September 12, 2016
By AilithNight BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
AilithNight BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
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Imagine falling, falling asleep.
Imagine waking up one day as someone else.
Imagine having a whole other life in your head.
Imagine the old one fading so fast you can't remember.
Imagine finding yourself waking to this new life in a coma ward.
Imagine a boyfriend that you remember smiling with tears in his eyes because you woke up.
Imagine that old life already forgotten, a distant dream.
Imagine that they start to take you away to perform a few tests.
Imagine passing by someone and looking at him and thinking, ‘Whoa, he’s hot.’
Imagine him having tears in his eyes
Imagine he clings to someone’s hand who is being wheeled into the ward you just came out of.
Imagine looking in the bed and your heart skipping a beat, but you don’t know why.
Imagine looking back at him and tears springing to your eyes in response to his.
Imagine they disappear down the hall.
Imagine feeling a deep ache, like you’ve lost someone, like you lost him.
Imagine being fine, and getting to leave the hospital within the month.
Imagine spending every moment there looking for him.
Imagine seeing him only once more, on your last day.
Imagine him standing mournfully to the side as they take away the corpse.
Imagine feeling your heart leap again, painfully this time.
Imagine feeling like something is wrong.
Imagine never seeing them again.
Imagine reading about their suicide in the newspaper.
Imagine crying, but not understanding why.
Imagine feeling like you lost your soulmate, and you didn’t even know them.
Imagine the dreams.
Imagine being haunted by the one who died in their coma.
Imagine being haunted by him.
Imagine your boyfriend can’t take anymore of you.
Imagine he doesn’t understand why you hurt over them.
Imagine you don’t understand either.
Imagine it hurts to much to bear.
Imagine the jump.
Imagine the fall.
Imagine waking up as someone else.

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