Family Zoo

September 12, 2016
By kiah123 BRONZE, Willamsport, Pennsylvania
kiah123 BRONZE, Willamsport, Pennsylvania
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My family is a living Zoo
My two younger brothers are two bad little monkeys
Always swinging on something, making crazy noise.

My dad is a lion who protects things.  
I’m the pretty unicorn who loves pretty colors and just stands out cause I’m different.

My two older brothers are the givers and providers Kaiseem is the one who always given out gifts.

Zayquan is the one who sometimes makes the food and provide it to the animals.

My mom is the gardener because she always cooking cleaning for us and keeps everything in place to be a good family also non as Zoo.

The author's comments:

I choose zoo for my family because my family is wiled and crazy just like and zoo and the animals i choose for my siblings and parents gotogather good because of they way they act and their personality.

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