Heartbreak in a Bottle

September 10, 2016
By Ronny BRONZE, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan
Ronny BRONZE, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"I may not know who I was born to be, but I know who I am."
(That's an original quote I'm using in my book)

Still have the skittles you gave me
Saved the picture of the boy on your shoulders
I keep them all as evidence that we were real
Messages in a bottle set free on my ocean of tears
Sometimes love floats while some sink
Well our love is at the bottom of the deepest sea
Missing you comes in waves
Tonight I’m drowning

I never thought we’d end that way
Swallowed in a moment in the downpour of rain
The flood rose to my bed, stealing sleep
Paper walls but no one could hear me weep
Wanted to be a strong girl, movin’ on
But the waves carried me away
Never loved so recklessly, but I couldn’t stay

I found the strength to stop the rain
Said we could go back we know it’ll never be the same
You had me at hello, never thought that door would close
Fires that bright aren’t meant to last
Now it’s all a memory fading into my pain filled past

They said love is blind I roll my eyes
But you blinded me, I have my pride, I die inside

I’m not going down
I’ll slay the memories of us all over this town
I stitch the pieces of my broken heart back together
Find a way to make it better
I’ll dam this flood of tears,
Reverse the feelings from all these years.
I’ll learn to stop loving your smile,
I’ll be fine, but it’ll take a while

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