September 10, 2016

You left me to save what was left of me
I'm torn my limbs ripped from my body as my heart beats on its own
my fingers claw at the skin that lay above these organs
nails that run over my tighs as they fat grathers in my palms
with blood racing its way up to the suffaces
I hear the sobs
it reaches out of my mouth pulling in the air I could not seem to kidnap
my lungs
they grib like fist
I sheld my eires as darkness covers them
liquiced dripps on to my checks
like rain drops that fall onto the dirt
I birth a roar as my mind is tamaticesed
   pain my agony is a tummr
which grows into a inflation of chess kisses that burns my burised lips
at night my imagation takes a trip
to your bone shructure
I can taste your presence
I can feel your voice
my body this mind is consumed by you
I am a  zombie disesed by the thought of you
so I stuble, run away dont stager; I'm rubble
I evaperate into your warmth, its toxice
but I live in it freely closed off with a memory
I lay in sheets of water that moves over and under on my arms, legs, toes, fingers, cheeks, lips, eyelids
the consep of sleep is nonecent
I wounder if this is the reason for the black bags that's that curl up under my shockest
was my body not up to tack for you
if I took resadents in another form would you have staied
would you have contined on with your imprint of who you are onto my soul as I took in the being you beconed to be
if I was sepert from the carbs that turn into filling
if my layers didn't pillal apond my chest
would you want me
who would I be
would I light your world like fire works
that hit the sky on a non fourth of july
who could I be with you
   with out the harvest who I farmed to cling on to my bones
what world is this
who's world is this
you use to be my everything
I look to you and my first clince and storms brew
how is it you sleep with no flicker of me
as you enlight my room with smile hugs touches that cares my spin
how is it your laughter is my only grasp to sanity
who am I with out you
my side walks my greenery my sun and stars all debended on you
who where you
who could you have been
perhaps a wirzed sent by my intearer
sometimes I can reach for you
as we where side by side your eyes would look onto mine
   your lips would curve
who am I with out your breath whispering meaning into me
I'm losing I've lost
nipping at my should so I can support my vulnerabilities
hickcomping as i'm spattered  on to history
you destroyed me
plowing into me
how does it feel 
knowing you were the base benth my feet
you pushed me into the waters
did you atlest hope I knew how to swim
....I don't know how to swim i'm droaning....
so as the water grathers within my lungs an you rest apond cloads
why don't you cave in?
...knowing you were the end of me

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