September 10, 2016
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Splish, splash, kaboosh, kabash
She looked around
There was water all around her, fishes and docdoodles
She was sure that she was underwater
She didn't understand, she was still breathing and her clothes and hair weren't wet
Something was underneath her
She leaped out of the water
And landed on a baybe beach
The sand was mellow and pry
The sun shined on her back
Her clothes were ripped but pry
She stood up looking around
But there wasn't a fellow around
She felt free
Leaping through the air she soared through the sky
Suddenly the twee clouds turned dark and stormy
Rain fell from the sky
It was dull and scary
She cried her eyes out
She was frightened
A wave from the baybe beach came on shore
It was her only chance to get away
She gaped into the wave
She was free!

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