The me they don't see

September 7, 2016

You can read these words but these words are not me.
Oh no. These words are what I want you to see
If I showed you the real me you wouldn't be able to comprehend the words you will see
These words you read are not the real me
This is the me that society wants me to be
Shackling my thoughts down along with my humanity
Beating and molding me to be the perfect little pink princess they want to see
Society has broken me down and forced my mind to focus.more on the way they want me to think
Force feeding me lies of how beauty and sexuality is suppose to be
Force feeding me lies of how lady like I should be or how as a black women I should spread my legs for my man whenever he wants me
Brainwashing me to see that my black is not beautiful
To see that my thoughts aren't the way they're suppose to be
To see that me as a whole is not good enough
But society does not know the trick implanted in my skin
Haha its in for a rude awakening
I will break free and I will slowly show everyone the real me
The one society doesn't want them to see
The one society has shakcled down
Beaten down
And torn apart
They will see the me that nobody has ever met
Piece by piece
Line by line
The real my will show
And force society back into its hole
The same hole they used to trap me into beside the boy who feels as if he isn't good enough
Beside the girl who thinks her beauty is not beautiful
Slowly but surely I'll set them free
And prove to society that my individuality is not to be recpnked with
The weight of the world will drop from my shoulders and society will be just another flick of my wrist
The way society wants me to be is not the girl you read

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CreepyKarma13 said...
Sept. 16, 2016 at 4:12 pm
Love it! You make a very good point.
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