September 9, 2016
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Setting my pen on the table

Picking up the papers and stacking them
Looking at the clock
Only ten minutes left
I touched my silver ring and remembered the good times we had
I placed the papers where I knew they would find them
The clock struck 12:00 and I stepped outside
Look at the late night stars, blue sky, and cold weather
I clutched my bag, shivering
Turned around and looked at the beloved picture again
Every person in that picture was like a muscle in my body
If one of them were gone, my body would become weaker
I definitely knew who represented my heart
I would miss her the most
I knew this was the thing to do
I closed the door
Slowly and quietly, I made my way down the road
I went off into the distance and steered to my right
Trees casting shadows and the flow of the stream
As I set up my "campsite", my body started to experience
A strange feeling of blood rush and raced through my body
Once the thought reached my mind
My brain deciphered it, I knew what it was
I shouldn't have left them
What would they do?
I was too late
Regret stopped me.
Sprinting through the carrot vegetation
Breeze of the wind against me
Clerk got closer
Jumping over the rotten carrot bush helped the clerk get closer
Knowing I had no other chance, I sped up
Rushed through the farm, I knew what would happen
At last, reached an old carved out tree
I counted the money in the jar
As I counted the money,
I thought to myself
These are donations
Why did I even do this
How the store owner would get dishonored
These thoughts help me realize what I have done
I wanted to go back
it would make me a fool
It was too late to go back
Regret stopped me
Every person in the world will share my feeling
we will never get the chance to fix it
by the time we realize it,
It's too late.
The damage is done
It is now a matter of the past
Regret is a barrier in your life
Always be on the right side of it
Part of the thin air we walk through every day

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Michelle101 said...
Sept. 15, 2016 at 4:07 pm
This is a very good poem
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